How Eligen B12 Works

What is SNAC?

SNAC is a patented vitamin delivery system that allows the B12 to absorb directly in the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream resulting in higher levels of absorption by the body.

What are the ingredients in Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 contains: Salcaprozate Sodium (SNAC), Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Povidone, Magnesium Stearate, and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12). It is a vegan-friendly product and does not have any Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives, Starch, Yeast, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Tree nuts, Gelatin, GMOs, Added colors, Artificial flavors, Caffeine, Sugar, or Wheat.

How long does it take for Eligen B12 to absorb?

It takes about 30 minutes for Eligen B12 to absorb into the bloodstream, whereas it could take up to 7 or 8 hours with most OTC oral supplements.

How long will it take to experience the results of Eligen B12?

Those with B12 deficiency will likely begin to feel a difference in energy after properly taking Eligen B12 for 15 days. Patients monitoring their B12 levels with a physician should take Eligen B12 for at least 15 days before retesting their levels.

About Eligen B12

What is Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 is a medical food used to treat B12 deficiency that cannot be managed with diet alone. It is an oral tablet taken once daily to normalize B12 levels.

What is a medical food?

A medical food is an FDA-classified food specially formulated and intended for the dietary management of a condition that has distinctive nutritional needs that cannot be met by normal diet alone. It is intended to be used under supervision of a physician.

What makes Eligen B12 different from other B12 vitamins?

Eligen B12 contains SNAC, a powerful technology that helps your body absorb the B12 vitamin more effectively than common OTC oral supplements. SNAC utilizes an alternate mechanism for absorption that allows for uptake even in the presence of compromised gut.

Can Eligen B12 replace the monthly B12 injection prescribed by my doctor?

Eligen B12 is a medical food, whereas B12 injections are prescription drugs. While oral Eligen B12 has been clinically proven to normalize B12 levels as effectively as B12 injections, you should talk to your doctor about whether once-daily Eligen B12 is the appropriate way to manage your B12 levels.

Do I need a prescription to take Eligen B12?

No prescription is required for Eligen B12. However, it should be taken under the supervision of your doctor.

Can I take Eligen B12 if I don’t have a clinically diagnosed B12 deficiency?

Eligen B12 is generally safe for use, even if you don’t have a clinically diagnosed deficiency. Talk to your doctor before adding any new vitamin to your regimen, including Eligen B12.

Who makes Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 is manufactured by Emisphere Technologies, the leader in converting injectable therapeutics into oral formulations.

Directions for Use

How should I take Eligen B12?

Adults, take one (1) tablet daily on an empty stomach with 2 oz. of water, at least one hour before consuming food or drink. Use as directed by your doctor, no more than two (2) tablets daily.

What happens if Eligen B12 is taken with more than 2 oz. of water?

If you drink more than 2 oz. of water with Eligen B12, the vitamin delivery may not be as effective.

What happens if I eat or drink within an hour of taking Eligen B12?

Eating or drinking within an hour of taking Eligen B12, including drinking water or other clear liquids, may reduce the vitamin’s absorption into the bloodstream.

What happens if I miss taking my Eligen B12 one day?

You should resume taking Eligen B12 on the next day at your normal time.

Is it possible to take too much Eligen B12?

You should always follow the recommended directions for taking Eligen B12 and consult with your doctor before taking more. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and your body will take the vitamin B12 it needs and dispose of what it doesn’t (you’ll pee out the rest).

Safety Advisories

Drug Interactions:

No drug-drug interactions have been demonstrated when using the SNAC technology. However, methotrexate, pyrimethamine, and certain antibiotics may interfere with folic acid and B12 diagnostic assays possibly leading to false results.

Allergies & Existing Medical Conditions:

Do not take Eligen B12 if you are allergic to vitamin B12, cobalt, or any ingredient of Eligen B12. Patients with Leber’s disease (hereditary optic nerve atrophy) should not take Eligen B12. Patients that suffer from Leber’s disease can damage their optic nerve (and cause blindness) when they take Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

Pill Splitting:

Do not split Eligen B12. Splitting the tablet compromises its integrity and will not deliver the desired results.

Children Under 14:

Please consult with your child’s pediatrician before giving them Eligen B12.

When to Take Eligen B12

What time of day is best to take Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 can be taken at any time of day, as long as it is taken on an empty stomach and one hour before food or drink. You may choose to start your day with Eligen, take it at bedtime, or take it at any time convenient to you.

Do I have to take Eligen B12 at the same time every day?

No, however, taking Eligen B12 at the same time each day will reinforce the habit of taking it daily.

How do I know when my stomach is empty?

Your stomach is considered empty at least four hours after eating or drinking.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time in between Eligen B12 doses?

No, there is no minimum amount of time required between doses, but Eligen B12 should be taken only once per day.

Product Specs/ Storage Conditions

How big is an Eligen B12 tablet?

Eligen B12 is only about a 5/16-inch in diameter and 1/8-inch thick (about the size of a baby aspirin), making it very easy to swallow.

How should I store my Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 should be stored in its original bottle at room temperature (20–25 °C / 68–77 °F).

How long will my Eligen B12 last in the bottle?

Always refer to the expiration date found on your Eligen B12 bottle. If stored properly, Eligen B12 will last up to three years.

How to Get Eligen B12

Where can I buy Eligen B12?

Eligen B12 can be purchased at or on Amazon.

Is Eligen B12 covered by my insurance?

In most cases, Eligen B12 is not covered by insurance, but check with your insurance provider to see if they may cover it for you.

Can I use my FSA/HSA account to purchase Eligen B12?

The cost of Eligen B12 may qualify as a reimbursable medical expense provided that certain conditions are satisfied. Eligen B12 is eligible for reimbursement as a qualifying medical expense if it has been prescribed (Rx) to a patient by a licensed medical professional or supported by a letter of medical necessity (LMN) from a licensed medical professional. All HSAs and FSAs aren't all the same, however, so please check with your benefits administrator or employer for more information on what items are eligible for reimbursement, whether an item can be purchased using your HSA card or FSA card, and the appropriate documentation required to substantiate reimbursement. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or medical advice.

About B12

What are the benefits of maintaining a healthy B12 level?

Healthy B12 levels have been proven to help your body sustain energy, support healthy immune and nervous systems, and may promote memory function and overall mood. Vitamin B12 is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How do I know if I have low B12 levels?

B12 levels can be determined with routine blood work. Ask your doctor to test your B12 levels at your next doctor appointment.

Are there any symptoms of having low B12 levels?

Signs that you may have low B12 levels include fatigue, muscle weakness, tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, or feeling unsteady or unbalanced. Low B12 levels can also be a side effect of other medical conditions or medications.

Are low B12 levels associated with any medical conditions?

Low B12 levels can be a side effect of other medical conditions. Patients with B12 deficiency may also suffer from pernicious anemia or gastrointestinal conditions like Crohn’s disease and celiac disease. Patients who have had bariatric surgery, diabetic patients who take metformin, and IBS patients who take proton pump inhibitors may also be B12 deficient. Because B12 deficiency can be caused by serious conditions, it is important to check with your doctor regarding how to best treat your B12 deficiency and whether you have a related disease.

Eligen B12 Store

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns. We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason with any product you purchase from us through our website, just let us know within 90 days of purchase, and we will refund your original method of payment the purchase price paid. This does not apply to any product used after its expiration date. Limit one bottle refunded per customer. Contact to inquire about a refund. See our warranty terms for details.

Where do you ship Eligen B12?

We offer shipping anywhere within the United States.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We do not ship outside of the United States.

Do you offer any subscription plans?

Yes. We offer subscription plans for 30-day, 60-day or 90-day delivery of Eligen B12 in our store. Select the “Subscribe & Save” option from the store to start your subscription. Your credit card will be charged monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on the subscription purchased.

How do I cancel my Eligen B12 subscription?

Your subscription may be canceled at any time through your customer account in our store, at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.

Can you use an FSA/HSA card to purchase Eligen B12 in the Eligen store?

Our Eligen store accepts FSA/HSA cards as a method of payment. Card usage as payment will depend on rules determined by your insurance provider. Your Eligen purchase may also be FSA/HSA reimbursable with a receipt of purchase. Check with your insurance provider. LEARN MORE >


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